TexStyle Lanka

Inflatable Life Jackets

marine industry

Since early 2016, Texstyle Lanka started the manufacture of Inflatable Life Jackets for the leisure industry. Texstyle Lanka manufactures covers, tests bladders and technically pack life jackets for different markets.

Prior to manufacturing of completed Life Jackets we produced Life Jacket covers for over 10 years to different companies in the UK. These covers were then technically packed in the UK prior to sale to end users.

TexStyle Lanka manufacture different designs of Life Jackets, which are then fitted with bladders, inflators etc

There are two types of inflators that are used on these Life Jackets

Manual Inflators

Life Jackets that are fitted with manual inflators will have a toggle that needs to be physically pulled in order to inflate when in water.

Automatic Inflators

These inflators are fitted with a water soluble capsule. This capsule dissolves when submerged in water which in return pierces the CO2 cylinder which releases the gas. The automatic system is also backed up by a manual inflator.

These inflatable life jackets are suitable for open or rough waters as well as calm & inland waters. The main advantage of the life jacket is that it will turn an unconscious wearers face up faster than traditional PFD’s

These inflatable life jackets are not bulky and is very comfortable to wear. When inflated there is a higher visibility of the person in the water.

All life jackets manufactured at TexStyle Lanka have an oral inflation tube, which also serves as the deflation tube. A whistle is attached to the life jacket along with reflective tapes and on designs a light is attached, which increases the chances of being detected while in the water.